Daily independent weather forecasts for the Kansas City area

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

July 4 Thunderstorms

The line of thunderstorms that rolled through the city late this afternoon continues to move south producing very heavy rainfall. Areas east and southeast of the metro area have received the heaviest rain with 1-2 inches common in many areas. Flash Flood Warnings are in effect in these areas.

Now... will we dry out for the fireworks? As is common with this type of thunderstorm system, called a MCS (mesoscale convective system), we often see an additional area of rain and thunderstorms form some 20-40 miles behind the main line. This is beginning to take shape right now and may keep shower activity around the metro until around 8 o'clock. Futher south, this additional area of rain could move through closer to fireworks time.

In short, the metro area still looks OK for fireworks displays, although I'm unsure when a display would be canceled due to the weather. The further south of KC you go, the chances of displays being canceled due to continued rainfall goes up.

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