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Friday, April 13, 2007

Snow outlook

Still a very difficult forecast for snow tonight. Our storm system continues to head toward the area with a lot of energy and lift. While temperatures at the surface remain above freezing, the dramatic lift associated with this storm should be able to overcome the warm air in a few spots to allow for some intense snow bands to form. Not unlike the setup we had for the infamous October surprise. When there is a lot of lift in the atmosphere, it induces cooling. Despite the ground being above freezing, if the snow is falling hard, it WILL accumulate.

The question is WHERE would an intense band form? Right now, the current trends in both current data and a few computer models (RUC, WRF) would be for it to form in a line from Warrensburg and Clinton to La Cygne and Osawatomie. This may include the south side of the metro area as well. In these bands, 2-3 inches are not out of the question. On either side of the bands, little accumulation. With this type of setup, it's often a very localized event.

So, you could see no accumulating snow at your house, you could see 3 inches. It's going to be interesting either way!

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