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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Is KC Weather Coverage Too Extreme?

You knew it was coming. Severe weather season is here, and so has the wall-to-wall coverage of severe weather on Kansas City television. I’ve been asked by many friends lately what my thought are regarding the increasing hype over weather events in the local media. Having the unique perspective of being in broadcasting myself for 5 years, I too have started to get somewhat annoyed at the dramatization of severe weather as of late.

But, my viewpoints are somewhat skewed being a meteorologist myself AND having knowledge of how things work inside of the broadcasting realm. I would love to hear YOUR thoughts regarding this topic, and would like to start a discussion. Do you feel that local media is going overboard with their coverage? Do you feel their coverage is good? Is there something more that they could be doing?

I’m planning on assembling a special show that addresses this. I plan to use some of your responses, as well as my own opinions in the show. You can respond to this blog post, send an email to Ed [at} KC Weather {dot ] org or a voice message to 206-350-KCWX.

Let’s get a discussion going….

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At 12:18 AM, Blogger linuxchic said...

Posting this comment after seeing the Twitter post on the conversation:
We just moved back to the KC area after living in the Tulsa viewing area for the last two years. I applaud the way the Tulsa channels provide severe weather coverage by only updating during prime time on commercial time and running updates during the shows through a ticker at the bottom of the screen.
Although I do want to know if my family is in immediate or potential
danger and I am interested in tracking the storms, I do not think it is necessary to beat the information to death the way the Kansas City area news channels do. Forget watching prime time programming if there is severe or the potential for severe weather anywhere even remotely close
to their viewing area. I don't want to watch people driving through high water for hours on end.
Not only do I become immune to the reports, many times I turn the
television off and rely on the weather radio and internet for updates since I am forced to finish watching my shows on the internet anyway. It seems that the Kansas City area meteorologists are over doing it a bit and I laugh every time I hear coworkers or family tell me that they think
that the weather forecasters for the local networks just like to see
themselves on T.V.
They have lost their professional credibility with me and rank up there with tabloid journalists. I wish they would follow in the Tulsa network meteorologists footsteps and give me the info I need, as I need it, and let me continue to live my life in between updates ... they can save the weather related news stories for the news broadcast... we don't need 3 hours of it. Until things change I will keep updated on the weather with my Twitter subscription to KCWeather and my Firefox plugin,


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