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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Lynn County Tornado Rated EF4

Well... my assumptions were correct. The National Weather Service called in the big guns to do the verification of an EF4 tornado in Lynn County, KS on Wednesday night. I saw a few more pictures this evening of more substantial structures that were destroyed, and certainly understand the rating. The radar presentation on this storm was incredible, and there was a TON of dynamics to support strong tornadoes.

The rating of an EF4 makes this tornado the earliest violent tornado on record in Kansas. The Hesston, KS tornado on March 13, 1990 held this dubious distinction until Wednesday. This also marks the strongest tornado to use the new Enhanced Fujita Scale. The enhancement to the traditional Fujita scale includes new damage indicators to help determine the strength of a tornado. The new scale went into effect on February 1st.



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