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Monday, February 12, 2007

More thoughts on the storm

A few more things I'm looking at with this storm:

There is quite a bit of moisture available to work with. If we see a changover before 9pm, it's possible we could see some heavier periods of snow that could allow for rapid accumulations. The latest data from the RUC shows snow mixing in as soon as 6pm, all snow by 9pm. With rain still being reported into SE NE, it seems unlikely we'll see snow by 6. I'm tempted, simply based off the moisture profiles and the enhanced lift this afternoon to knock totals up an inch, but I'm going to stick to my forecast. Live by it, die by it I guess. The extra lift may have accounted for an area of sleet north of Platte City, but that's about the only signs of cooling I've seen all afternoon.

So again...
Most of the city: 1-3 inches
KCI: Approaching 4 inches
Northern MO: 4-6 inches

I'm just hoping for enough to do some more sledding...

UPDATE: 4:35pm - So I called the St. Joseph ASOS sPublishtation and it's reporting light snow now. Who knows? Maybe it WILL change over sooner and my forecast will bust. Such is life, I guess.

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