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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Late Morning Update

Well... I slept a little later this morning after being woken up by thunderstorms last night. Got a chance to look over some of the data, and I'm still concerned with the threat for severe weather here. I mentioned in the podcast last night that there was a threat for low-topped supercells around our area. Given dewpoints in the low 50s to our southwest, and the triple-point due to pass directly over the city, I have a little more concern for the threat for tornadoes out of this setup.

That said, it'd probably be a good idea to be connected to some sort of media outlet this afternoon. I'll try to post if and when any type of watch is issued, but there is a graphic on the right side of http://KCWeather.org that shows the current severe weather watches in effect.

I'm off to clean the house...

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