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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

February tornadoes

So, I had bible study just as the storms fired off. Was antsy all evening. Had piles of hail at 87th and 435 by the time we broke.

Tornadic thunderstorms continue south of town. Reports of damage in Lynn and Anderson counties, including a house that was destroyed. There is a ton of support for tornadoes with these storms. I've been mentioning the wind sheer all day, and you're seeing the results of that now. Also, baseball sized hail has been reported as well with very low freezing levels at this time of the year.

Main question outside of the two big supercells is additional development to the southwest. Hail and winds still possible, but the main threat continues to be flooding here in the metro. Tornadoes will become less of a threat with these storms. Copious reports of flooding already, as the ground is still frozen some distance down. It can only absorb so much water, especially considering it was relatively wet already. If you live in low lying areas susceptible to flooding, you will want to keep in touch with conditions and be ready to take action if you need to. DO NOT DRIVE THROUGH FLOODED ROADWAYS.

Very cool to see Gary Lezak find the BWER on radar. There IS hope for him during severe weather. (Great forecaster, but would annoy me to no end during severe weather. Their new guy is awesome though).

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