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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

ChemCentral Explosion and Fire on Radar

The big ChemCentral explosion in the East Bottoms can be seen on radar. Looks as though some of the chemicals are combining and precipitating to the ground.

A special plane used in 911 and the Challenger explosion is flying from Texas to take samples of the air. The EPA is urging people NOT to touch the precipitate. The Paseo Bridge, Front Street and the Chouteau Bridge are all closed.

Officials are recommending that those traveling through the area use the "recycle air" button in their automobile climate control systems.

All schools within the one-mile radius – Woodland, McCoy, Gladstone, Garfield, Wittier, and James – have been rerouted to Paseo High school, 4747 Flora. Parents can pick up there, or if they live in the one-mile radius, they can use the high school as as staging area.

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