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Friday, January 12, 2007

Early evening storm update

Well... I'm glad I waited an hour or so to make my decision on an audio update and diving into an all snow forecast. The progression of the arctic air came to an end around 2, and we started warming up. Although we had more cold air push in than I had expected, the air column of air remains conducive for sleet. So, the concern I had with the snow earlier today was short lived. We are still "walking the line" but with the warm air increasing aloft, it should keep us mostly sleet until Sunday.

All-in-all. . . the forecast is still valid, with sleet being the big story with this storm. Sleet accumulation across a good part of the city may be on the order of 1 inch. Lesser amounts north. Greater amounts south and east of the city across central Missouri down to the Butler area. For the city, there is still a good chance we see some snow on Sunday.

More details in the audio update late tonight. If you are not subscribed, please consider doing so. Updates will be sent to your computer automatically and it's anonymous and FREE. If you have iTunes, search for Kansas City in the podcast section, or click the subscription link at http://KCWeather.org

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