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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Atmospheric dandruff

Well... the snow is beginning to fall. The air is considerably cooler than I expected, as the clouds moved into the area in a hurry overnight. Lack-o-sun in the morning = cooler temperatures and higher snow equivalence numbers. While the snow doesn't get puffed away as you walk on it, it IS a little drier than the normal 1/10 snow ratio. We should be around 1/12 ... maybe 1/15 with this storm.

Also... the newest runs of the numerical models continue to fire off an enhanced strip of snow. Both are now in line with this enhancement to be on the extreme south side of the metro area (while they were about 30 miles further south in last night's data). The latest radar trends support this morning's model data. In this strip, snow totals could be in the neighborhood of an inch and a half maybe 2 inches. The rest of the city... still generally around an inch or less.

Either way... certainly NOT a big storm, but enough of the atmospheric dandruff to make it slick on the roads.

Be safe out on the roads everyone!

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