Daily independent weather forecasts for the Kansas City area

Thursday, March 30, 2006

PDS Tornado Watch for the KC metro area

Well, the Storm Prediction Center issued it about 15 minutes earlier than I expected, but we are now under our second PDS Tornado Watch of the year until 10pm.

Conditions continue to look very favorable for the formation of tornadoes as thunderstorms roll east. The first line will likely enter the metro area around 3 o'clock. However, the best chance for tornadic thunderstorms is with the line of storms directly along the dryline in central Kansas. We'll keep an eye on these. It's possible that we could experience a high-wind event rather than a tornado threat (as this is more of an MCS/squall line setup). However, conditions are such that we could see imbedded supercell thunderstorms within this line that hold an increased threat for tornadoes. A very similar setup to what the southeast part of the US experiences during severe weather outbreaks.


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