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Monday, February 07, 2005

MesoEd Podcast?

I discovered a new little toy in the blogosphere... Podcasting. Thanks to the good old AP news hot links from my Excite home page, I discovered this little upcoming gem of technology. Call it a fancy way of audio-blogging. With Adam Curry's iPodder software, you can auto-download these webcasts and take them with you. Because you aren't getting a streamed audio feed, you can download and listen to the shows at your convience. Just good-ol' mp3s and the like, easily accessible like a blog.

If I get off my butt and start forecasting with more frequency, I may actually create a brief podcast forecast every day or two for the KC internet community. Here are a few links to give you some additional information on Podcasting....

Adam Curry's iPodder software
GodCast.org - Podcasting's Christian connection
PodCast Alley


At 1:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Ed,

Do you ever get the feeling that the eyes of strange and errie small black and yellow cheat-like people are watching you?

Ah.. NO YOU SAY..?


By the way you should mix up your intoduction.. On day you can have the thunder, the next maybe the sound of a single wide moblehome being torn to shreads by an F5...

Oh well....

Strong Bad


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